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The first time I heard about zhubao was a few years ago, I only knew that it had therapeutic effect, and I didn't pay much attention at that time. But over time, people around us are talking about zhubao, and its value is higher than gold. What? Is it worth more than gold? What's the situation? What's pig treasure. Xiaobian specially checked the data to know the precious place of zhubao.


There are a lot of media reports on "zhubao", but there is no clear academic explanation for "zhubao". It is said that "zhubao" is the gallstone of a pig. The intact ones are mostly egg shaped, light in weight, golden brown in appearance, delicate and glossy. It is also said that "zhubao" is an inflammation of the ovary, a blockage of the fallopian tube, and a combination of yolks Yes.


Pig treasure is a kind of rare and scarce Chinese herbal medicine, which takes a long time to form, and the feeding period of pigs is very short, so it is rarely found in pigs, but occasionally seen. Its medicinal effect is similar to that of bezoar, which is mainly used for clearing away heat, detoxifying, resolving phlegm and calming the nerves. It has sedative effect on human body. It can treat palpitation and insomnia. Pigs with pig treasure generally have the characteristics of baldness, little food, high temperature, weak walking, thin body, red eyes, restlessness and howling. When slaughtering pigs, we should check the gall bladder, bile duct and liver duct for lumps. If there is any hard block, it shall be scraped and taken out immediately, the adhered inner membrane and other things shall be peeled, and then it shall be wrapped with clean cotton and wool to prevent it from breaking and scattering, and then it shall be hung in the shade to let it dry naturally, and it shall not be exposed to the wind and sun, so as not to affect the quality. Because natural pig treasure is very precious, the international price is higher than gold.


With the rapid development of China's economy, people pay more and more attention to health. All kinds of precious medicines and precious herbs have become the favorite of people. It's said that pig treasure is worth a lot of money. Now it's hyped as "pig treasure" with a price of more than 10000 yuan per gram. The reason why it's expensive is that some people can't touch a piece of pig treasure when they kill pigs all their lives. Since ancient times in China, the rarer the thing is, the higher the price, many people will collect it, which has a certain collection value. Not only that, at the right time, when they sell it, they will be more able to It is valuable to reflect its value. Therefore, there was a time when the pig treasure fault was caused. The collectors didn't do it. They waited for the right time to do it again. As a result, the value of the pig treasure was always high, and the more it was fried, the more expensive it was.



Xuanyu art is lucky to obtain a pig treasure. The pig treasure has two or three centimeters long hair on its surface. When touching it with hand, you can feel its texture is very hard. After natural air drying, its weight is basically stable. From its character, color and taste, it is the appearance of an old medicine, and undoubtedly the best of all the same kind of medicine.


The reason why "pig treasure" has been passed on to the world is that in recent years, rare medicinal materials have suddenly been called the favorite of the collection industry, once regarded as treasures by collectors, and their collection value has been constantly discovered by collectors. The market value is constantly rising, and some high-quality products can easily be sold to millions of high prices. Such a "treasure" can appear in a small pig that I didn't understand before. It's worth a lot. Now many collectors are looking for it everywhere, even willing to go deep into the countryside. Among them, horse treasure, cow treasure and dog treasure are recorded in medical books as traditional Chinese medicine, which are not commonly used.


The value of precious traditional Chinese medicine has skyrocketed, constantly refreshing people's recognition of its "value level". The price of one gram of Cordyceps sinensis has exceeded that of gold of the same weight; a Angong Niuhuang Pill, which was produced 10 years ago with the original price of more than 300 yuan, has been sold for tens of thousands of yuan on the Internet.


Enrich art life and transfer art value! If you are interested in this piece of pig treasure, please contact Xuanyu (Guangzhou) art media Co., Ltd!


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